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Affordable Websites - Starting at $500

If you're looking for Affordable Website Solutions to promote your business, then you've come to the right place. We will create a Web site where you advertise your business or services on the web. We give your small business a big piece of the Internet pie, at an affordable price.

Here is what we offer:

  • We will first spend time with you to make sure that the type of Web site you're looking to build is the perfect solution your business needs.
  • We will help you to pinpoint the market you are trying to advertise in, so that we can optimize your Web site for optimal search engine results.
  • You get to choose a design layout from our template library to fit your needs.
  • We will host your Web site for just 50 cents per day.
  • If you do not have a domain name picked out, we will help pick out a name that will help optimize traffic to your site.

How could all of this possibly be "Affordable"? Simple, we have developed a process to quickly install and customize a Web site to fit your needs. We first take the time to find out exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Do not think that "Affordable" means a "Cheap" Web site. We create high quality and functional Affordable Web site Solutions.

Affordable Web site Solutions starting at $500? That's right, it is not a typo, you get all this for $500.

Price breakdown (what the $500 includes):

  • A design template of your choice for your site. If the template you select contains Flash elements, the non-Flash version will be used. (Extra charges apply to customize Flash elements)
  • Up to 6 main pages with one of the pages being a custom contact us form.
  • As many emails as you need (up to 50 accounts).
  • Basic Web site optimization for search engines.
  • Submission to the major search engines and web directories.

(Add-ons are a one time fee with no additional hosting charges.)

  • Add a Forum to your Web site
  • Add a Classified section to your Web site
  • Add an Event Calendar to your Web site
  • Get a custom Banner for your Web site to place on other Web sites
  • Logo design (includes any formats according to your specifications)
  • Anything else related to your Web site

Below you will find all terms and conditions:

  • To receive the services outlined on this page, your Web site must be hosted with us. If you do not host with us extra charges will apply.
  • When you pick a design template we will be using the non-Flash version. If you want the Flash version extra charges will apply.
  • Add-on items will cost extra.
  • Payment terms will be contained in the agreement signed by both parties prior to the start of the project.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change.

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